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Software Developer

Software Development – Vancouver, British Columbia
Department Software Development
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level


"Who is Voxter?" You may be asking, well say farewell to Kansas Dorothy, because this might just blow you away.

We're a Vancouver based VOIP company that is on the rise and we are enthusiastically chucking out the old methods of business communication and replacing them with our shiny new platform and sophisticatedly simple software - which has been rocking the world of our business clients since we launched with our first customer in 2005.  In short, we make business communication run smoother than a fresh jar of skippy.

Since 2005 we’ve grown to have hundreds of clients across the globe. We have POPs in San Jose, London, Tokyo, LA, Melbourne, Chicago, Toronto, and Vancouver (to name a few). Our goal is not only to continue to expand (we aim for world domination!), but to shake up how the world looks at business telecom and create an experience that our clients actually love to use!

Having been recently acquired by Ooma Inc, we’re poised for growth and ready to build out our already passionate and dedicated team.

And well, we’re hiring! We’re looking for a smart, critical thinker who is able to pick things up quickly to join the Engineering team as a Software Engineer. We’re not an ordinary company, so we don’t expect you to be ordinary either. If you love learning new stuff, enjoy digging into hard work and making the impossible happen - keep on reading!


You'll be responsible for building and maintaining new and existing features in our distributed service architecture. We continue to build new features on top of a modern stack - it consists of a database layer (CouchDB), an application layer (Kazoo https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo and a number of other individual applications), an audio transcoding/call routing layer (FreeSWITCH), and an SBC/proxy layer (Kamailio). Many parts of this stack are written in the programming language Erlang. Communications between components is often over the AMQP protocol; specifically, we use RabbitMQ. In this role, you will spend most of your development time on Kazoo or the other peripherals in the application layer. This will include some front-end development as necessary (largely in AngularJS). We value moving fast and responding to change quickly, so don’t hesitate to propose adoption of new technologies that help us deliver value and functionality to our customers.
Of course, sometimes you might have to spend some time on a cool side-project! Some examples of projects members of our team have built include a fitness data aggregation application to encourage staff health activities, a Chrome browser extension that takes advantage of our platform APIs, or a Mario Kart 64 race stats collector!

Sound like you? Might be time for you to put your headphones on and snuggle down to code with your favourite office dog, or grab a pair programming partner, and code away the afternoon…

We have a talented engineering team  - people of all walks of life working on different projects. It’s like in a pirate ship, we may be a bunch of lunatics but we work as one, we pay attention and motivate each other, and often end the day with a good laugh. After all, you’re gonna need a team you can count on!


  • Associate's Degree or Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Business Information Systems, or similar field, or equivalent work experience required.
  • 3+ years of development experience
  • Strong understanding of a typical full-service stack
  • Ability to perform code reviews, create detailed plans and willingness to work collaboratively with a development team.
  • Excellent technical, troubleshooting and analytical skills
  • VOIP / Telecommunications experience and an understanding of network topology and telecommunications architecture considered a plus

Ideal Technical Skills:

  • PHP5
  • Node.js
  • Erlang
  • REST API experience
  • Distributed version control - Git on GitHub/Bitbucket
  • Linux (RedHat or derivative (CentOS))
  • HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / JSON
  • One or more client-side MVC frameworks with a preference for AngularJS (Backbone, Marionette, Ember, React)
  • Apache, Nginx
  • Familiar with both following and leading Agile / Scrum process


  • You love problem solving, puzzles and anything that makes you scratch your head!  
  • You’re a coder with a good few years experience building stuff, but who isn’t afraid to learn, try new things, and challenge the status quo. Ideally you’ve got some experience in modern usages of multiple languages and frameworks (we use a lot of Erlang!). You use frameworks like AngularJS or RabbitMQ if they accelerate your work. You might have an embarrassing history with PHP , Bash, Python or Ruby. You’re intensely interested in the latest in cloud platforms, and you probably find time in your day to play with things like Elasticsearch. Maybe you’ve spent some time working with real-time distributed systems. Bonus points if you actually use these tools today, but if you don’t we’re happy to teach you.
  • You’ve got a few projects under your belt, and you’ve made some mistakes. We value people who learn from mistakes and improve themselves in tiny ways every day. But of course you don’t make the same mistakes over and over again because you know how to use automated tests and production monitoring to catch them next time around ;)
  • You might have your own side projects which display your love for tinkering, trying and learning new things. You’re also active in the open source community, have a github account and are excited to share with us some of the projects you’ve been working on!
  • You know how to get your work done without being micro-managed, because you use your initiative to do the right things at the right time. You love taking ownership of the problem and solution, collaborating and seeing it through to delivering value.
  • You value code accuracy, organization, and vetting


  • We have an open culture where we openly share our results and where your input is truly valued
  • Working at Voxter means being part of a team that works hard, fast and has fun! We aim to keep growing as a company, as a team, and as individuals. Voxter is made up of truly exceptional people who found a career-making opportunity here
  • You get to be an integral part of building an amazing product and client experience, in a company big enough for growth but lean enough to get shit done!
  • Work-life balance is encouraged, and sometimes enforced! ;)
  • We offer flexible work schedules, an open vacation policy, and an extended benefits plan
  • Our shiny new Yaletown office - (complete with snacks and arcade!)
  • We have some of the cutest office dogs in Vancouver
  • Voxter is committed to paying very competitive salaries
  • We value the individuality and contribution of each of our team members. Collaboration, personality, growth, great results, and baked goods are wholeheartedly encouraged


If you’re interested in achieving great things at one of the most exciting companies, best workplaces and most fun and hardworking environments, we’d love to hear from you!

Oh, and we love that everyone is different, and we don’t want you to leave your personality at the door, so, in case it isn’t obvious, don’t be afraid to show your individuality, what sets you apart. We want to get to know YOU!

So, get in touch, apply now, hit that button, get it done and have a chat with us!

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